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    • DESIGN + BUILD •

    Our most popular service for those who want both design and renovation services. Take care of everything for you from the initial planning and design stages until your masterpiece is complete and you can slip into your new bathtub.

    When you get in contact with our helpful team, we’ll come out to your home and get a better understanding of what is required and what you want. From there, we’ll refine the project and develop a scope of works and a layout sketch to ensure we’re following the right brief and we are all on the same page.

    One of the benefits of our Design + Build service is that we’re responsible from start to finish – making sure those key details are right and any problems are solved as quickly as possible. We take pride in every bathroom that we complete and want the final look to wow you.



    We understand that some of you already have your own builders locked in, or you may be owner builders. As such, Bubbles Bathrooms can act as design consultants as you work to finalise the final blueprints of your renovated bathroom.

    Our design team have won prestigious design awards across state, national and international levels. We couple both form and function to ensure your bathroom solution lasts for the long term.

    Through our design only service, our team is able to create clear, concise plans and specifications for your bathroom renovation. As with any project, success starts with good planning and preparation!


    • BUILD ONLY •

    In the event that you already have plans of your own, the team at Bubbles Bathrooms can step in to complete the job to a high standard. Perhaps you have designed the bathroom yourself or have employed an interior designer or architect and need a reliable team to bring it to life.

    Whatever the case, we can renovate your bathroom to the exact plans – completing it both on time and at the agreed fixed price. You can trust us to build to last.

    Take the stress out of the process by working with an efficient, productive and reliable team who are constantly striving for a quality finish. Anything less is simply not an option!

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