Why Upsized Tiles Are On Trend For Melbourne Bathroom Renovations

For on-trend tiling, think of large format tiles for your Melbourne bathroom renovation. We’re seeing a definite preference emerging for these larger-sized tiles, so if a bathroom remodel is on your to-do list, then Bubbles Bathrooms can help you plan and design your bathroom with large format tiles for a contemporary, refined look.

Here are some key reasons to upsize your tiles!

1. Ease of cleaning

Large-format tiles are ideal for high traffic areas like bathrooms because they’re strong, durable, and still look great even after constant daily use. Each large tile covers a bigger surface area so there are fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines mean less time spent scrubbing off mould and mildew build-up and a more pristine-looking bathroom.

Check out the large format 600 x 1200 porcelain tiles used in conjunction with 800 x 400 size tiles to create an interesting and unpredictable design in this bathroom renovation.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

Small pieces of cut tiles around the bathroom aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as high-end large format tiles. Large-format tiles provide a clean contemporary look with less visual interruption, and can instantly transform your bathroom into an elegant and stylish environment.

The large-format 600 x 1200 porcelain feature tiles in this bathroom renovation were used to create a feature wall behind the bath.

If you’re interested in no grout lines at all, then another on-trend look is to use full sheets of porcelain to completely cover bathroom walls.

3. Great for small and big bathrooms

Large-format tiles make your bathroom look bigger, and feel more luxurious. If your bathroom is on the small side, large tiles provide an illusion of increased space. They also make the area look lighter and brighter since there are fewer grout lines to distract the eye.

Large-format tiles are also ideal for covering bigger bathroom walls and floors and need less cutting, and installation time than smaller tiles which can take a long time to position and grout. This equals both time and cost savings on labour, always good news for anyone undertaking a Melbourne bathroom renovation.

4. Less maintenance

Small pieces of cut tiles around window and door architraves lessen the longevity of your bathroom due to having less glue behind the tiles. In time, this causes unsightly tile lifting and cracking and you’ll need to call in a tiler for repair work.

However, larger tiles mean fewer small pieces of cut tiles in corners of walls, against windows and door architraves, so your bathroom will need less maintenance in the future to keep looking beautiful.

White matt porcelain tiles size 600 × 1200 were used on the walls of this master bedroom ensuite renovation without the need for small pieces of cut tile.

What type of tiles are best for upsizing?

From marble to high polished porcelain and stone, large format tiles come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colours to choose from, depending on the look you’re going for. The two main sizes they come in are 600 x 1200 and 700 x 1400.

Porcelain tiles are generally better to use because they are of a higher quality compared to ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles tend to distort in larger sizes and when using large format tiles it’s important that they are straight.

Note A word of advice, large format tiles, and slabs, especially in heavy materials, require a strong substrate. Reinforcing this may add costs to your renovation.

If you would like more ideas for how large format tiles can give your bathroom a contemporary and stylish look, get in touch with the expert team at Bubbles Bathrooms today – we look forward to working with you!