Twin Showers To Double Your Fun

It’s easy to make your bathroom a relaxing haven for two, with the lavish addition of a twin shower. Whether it’s a master ensuite or family bathroom, there are plenty of ways to incorporate two showerheads into your bathing space. But functionality needs to be paired with aesthetics to ensure the space works well and looks luxurious too.

That’s where clever design can maximise every centimetre of available space, to include all the items on your wish list. Paired with a double vanity, a twin shower will soon make the bathroom your favourite spot in the house.

A wide bathroom is the perfect space in which to create a shower for two. The central entrance enables easy access, while the width allows for the inclusion of two wall-mounted showerheads, as well as two overhead rain showers mounted on the ceiling. To balance the centred doorway, a recessed shelving space is included for easy access by both bathers.

Source: Houzz

Written By : Melanie Gardener