The Magic Of Frameless Raked Blade Shower Screens

Over recent years, the design team at Bubbles Bathrooms have seen many trends go in and out of fashion. This is just the way the world works – designers by nature are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and freedom of expression. A great example of this is the frameless raked blade shower screen.

In the past, most showers were built as standalone box structures or as part of a bath. They were often framed as this was considered the only way to keep the space waterproof, they were usually prebuilt to a standard hight and some even had wire mesh in the glass for safety. These days custom made 10mm frameless glass screens are almost the standard, and framed screens are rarely used. The Wire screens are no longer used.

The Frameless raked blade takes this trend to the next level.

So what is it?

Essentially it is one frameless piece of glass wider at the bottom than the top.

What are the benefits?

  • Aesthetics – Frameless raked blade screens give the feel of more space, the minimalist look makes the shower a continuation of the entire space.

  • Cleaning – Just imagine, only one piece of glass without a frame.

  • Low maintenance – Apart from regular cleaning to remove water spots and soap residue, there is less glass os cleaning time in the bathroom is actually reduced.

  • Structurally sound – By cutting the corner off the screen is more stable than a straight glass panel.

  • Less water outside the shower – Strange as it may seem … when combined with an overhead shower in the correct position these open showers will leave you with a dryer bathroom than an enclosed frameless shower with a door. (the secret is in the design)


When using a raked blade shower screen (where the top is shorter than the bottom) avoid having the top of the screen (at eye level) more than 150mm shorter than the bottom. If this specification is not followed it could cause you to kick your toes on the bottom the screen when entering the shower.

If you are looking to redesign your bathroom space or want to add a touch of luxury through shower screens, reach out to our expert team today – we look forward to hearing from you!