How To Design The Best Ensuite For Your Master Bedroom

Check with any Melbourne home buyer and you’ll usually find one of their must-have features is a master bedroom ensuite. With master bedroom ensuites playing such a critical part in the home buying decision, it’s important to get the planning and design of bathroom renovations just right.

Here are some things you might want to consider for your dream master bathroom.

Personalise your space

Personalise your master bedroom ensuite by adding colour and/or interest. One of the simplest ways to do this is with your tile selection. Custom mosaics are a fun decorative feature that can make a big impact in a small ensuite bathroom, and you don’t have to commit to a full wall as this bathroom renovation shows.

Check out our blog post on choosing feature tiles for more ideas.

Connection Between Bedroom and Bathroom

One of the common elements of master bedrooms and ensuites is that space is at a premium. While every environment is different, the two areas must complement each other while also providing the basic needs of both a bathroom and bedroom.

A good way of achieving this is by selecting similar materials and colours. This essentially unifies and integrates both spaces – creating visual flow that appeals to the eye. An open plan design (i.e without doors) can also create a seamless visual flow between bedroom and ensuite bathroom.

But placement of all the elements of the master bathroom need to be carefully considered in any kind of open plan design as privacy is still required. One option is to tuck the toilet behind a wall as this bathroom renovation has done.

Having a bath sitting out of the bathroom and in the bedroom itself is also an up and coming trend. The master bedroom and ensuite then become more of a ‘suite’ as you often find in luxury hotels.

Reduced Noise

For all the benefits of ensuites, they can be quite a loud environment – showers, toilets and extraction fans, for example. However, these disturbances can be mitigated if the design of the ensuite is right in the first place.

To reduce noise from the ensuite, you could install an ultra quiet cistern, direct odour extraction from the toilet pan or even consider soundproofing the walls. In the case of an open plan bathroom, it might be a good idea to have features, like a vanity cabinet, that stand between the two spaces, blocking any noise.

Versatile Lighting

Lighting emitting from an ensuite can also cause sleep problems. The key in this situation is to introduce versatile lighting solutions, such as subtle courtesy and task lighting, that allow one party to sleep peacefully in bed while the other completes tasks in the bathroom.

Practical But Pleasurable

Homeowners are looking to ensuite bathrooms for pleasurable experiences, for de-stressing and detoxing, and spending more time. The bath in master bathrooms, for instance, is used a lot more than in the main household bathroom. But as well as pleasure, they want a design that incorporates easy to clean features, such as a large open shower with frameless shower screen, and large format tiles with less grout lines like in this bathroom renovation.

With master bedroom ensuites you want to ensure that the final look is both practical and stylish. A cohesive design that ticks all the boxes for your present needs and for potential home buyers in the future.

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more design tips to inspire your Melbourne bathroom renovation!