How To Choose Feature Bathroom Tiles Wisely

The key to your dream bathroom is choosing the right feature tiles to give your space drama and show off your unique style. You can instantly take your bathroom from boring, to brilliant by using feature tiling to emphasise the shape of a room, create texture, zone an area, and more.

Keep reading to find out how we’ve been using feature tiles in Melbourne bathrooms.

Feature tiles add a focal point to the bathroom

Make a statement and add an eye-catching focal point with feature tiles when designing your ideal bathroom. Combining and coordinating coloured, patterned, textured or 3D wall tiles can instantly create a wow factor.

Feature tiles can be used to place emphasis on a statement item of furniture or a particular area. A common and popular way of adding a focal point to a bathroom is to use feature tiles on a single wall to create a backdrop for a statement bath or basin as in this renovation.

Why a splash of colour can make a big difference

A block of coloured tiles can have an amazing impact in a bathroom space if you keep the rest of the tiles white or neutral. Use coloured tiles entirely on one or two walls, if you have a large space, to create a show-stopping feature. Be careful not to go overboard with colour, you want to add a splash to interest the eye, too much and you risk overpowering and ruining the effect. In this bathroom renovation, the balance between teal and white is just right.

Have you considered mosaics?

Mosaics are on-trend and here to stay for a good reason. The sheer choice of mosaic tile designs gives you lots of options for colours, shapes, and tactile finishes, to really reflect your style and personality.

Porcelain and glass mosaic bathroom tiles are traditional favorites, while mosaics in natural stone, such as Carrara marble, are rising in popularity. With every colour imaginable and shapes such as herringbone, hexagons, penny rounds, fans, and more, you could spend quite some time happily creating the perfect mosaic bathroom tile patterns. The beautiful feature wall in this bathroom renovation is a leaf red and gold mosaic tile.

Use featured tiles to add texture

If you’re planning a plain or neutral design scheme, then consider introducing textured bathroom tiles to add surface interest, depth, and variation. Textured mosaics work well for a bathroom vanity wall, behind shower screens, or as large feature walls. Textured tiles don’t have to be large and dramatic, as this bathroom renovation shows, the narrow vertical rectangles are subtle but pronounced enough to still make a definite impact.

Use featured tiles for zoning

Just as a rug can help zone a living space, featured tiles can be used to create a zoned bathroom floor. A funky design idea, and one that can be incorporated into existing flooring, is placing colorful hexagon tiles around a bathtub and integrating into polished wood planking.

An easier, and more classic, look to create is a mat effect with sharp rectangular lines in the center of the space, either on the floor or see the wall example in the renovation below. Whichever tiles you use, the levels must be the same height so there’s no ‘lip to chip’, choose different coloured tiles from the same range to keep it consistent.

New trend: large format stone feature tiles

Get the latest bathroom tiles, bold and edgy large format stone feature tiles, for a seamless surface and fewer grout lines. Large hexagons, squares, and rectangles with colours, patterns, and textures are being used like artworks. This renovation showcases a stunning feature wall with large format stone tiles behind the bath.

For more ideas on large format stone tiles check out our recent post on upsized tiles.

Choosing the right colour, finish, shape, and material of the tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. There is such a huge range and variety, so do take your time to make the right choice.

Don’t make your decision straight away. Bring the tiles home, and live with them for a few days and then decide. If you’d like to discuss making your dream bathroom a reality with featured tiles, contact us today. We are specialists in bathroom tiles for Melbourne.