Helpful Design Tips For Lighting Bathrooms, From HIA Guide

• LEDs add great effect but be careful that they don’t overwhelm the design

• Select brighter globes if you are planning dark finishes (e.g) black tiles

• Brighter isn’t necessarily better – don’t blind the users

• Globes should be the same tone throughout the space for consistency

• Effective task lighting is essential to ensure that the bathroom is appropriately functional

• Always consider location and the availability of space for multiple switches

• When general and task lighting has been switched off, cleverly designed mood or dimmed feature lighting will create a soft, relaxing glow

• Start with the end in mind, think first about the areas you wish to highlight

• Ambient lighting will illuminate the whole room and can be used to bring warmth to the space so consider the size shape and location of natural light sources when designing this aspect

• Decorative lighting such as chandeliers or pendants can add luxury opulence and enhance mood