Design A Healthy And Safe Bathroom

At first glance, this topic might seem almost comical, that is, until you smack your head on a poorly placed shaving cabinet. If you are planning to design your own bathroom, consider 3 important factors.

Mould Protection

It’s common to get so caught up in creative bathroom designs, that the safety design elements are given little or no thought.

For example, a common health concern in bathrooms is mould. In spite of this, little thought is used in amateur bathroom designs.

However, a well-planned and designed bathroom with a good ventilation system layout will prevent moisture problems and mould growth. Importantly, these precautions can actually prevent respiratory implications caused by the possibility of dangerous mould growth.

The image above is a case of serious black mould, which was discovered after lifting the shower base of a renovation.

Quality Design is Quality Workmanship

A common problem with subpar creative bathroom designs are leaks.

These leaks can have long term damaging effects to the structure of the house, which can damage or warp a great number of surfaces and facilitate the growth of mould in spots you can’t see or reach.

This can result in serious health risks to you and your family and cannot be addressed without serious and costly repairs down the road.

These problems can present themselves in wrongly installed water fixtures, poorly executed caulking and grouting jobs, and above all, the waterproofing of the bathroom.

Many low budget contractors, lack the necessary skills and engineering to keep a bathroom at a low moisture level and leak free environment.

Respect Structural Integrity

Another frequently overlooked element of bathroom design and construction is structural integrity.

And as defined by Dr. Steve Roberts, of the University of Oxford, “it is the science and technology of the margin between safety and disaster.”

When doing bathroom renovations, or even designing the bathroom of your dreams, too much focus can be placed on creative bathroom designs versus the structural integrity.

It is a good investment to utilize certified designers to design your bathroom.

A properly designed bathroom will resist cracking, slopes, and collapsing cabinetry but most importantly, keep the environment safe for you and your family. Left is an image of a large section of drywall that had colapsed above the shower of a bathroom due to poor workmanship.

Whether you want to renovate a compact bathroom, or are looking for modern bathroom design ideas, it’s always advised to consult renovation specialists to ensure the bathroom design is safe.

The Bathroom Doctor.