Albert Park Bathroom – Wins HIA Awards

Bubbles Bathrooms was commissioned to transform a bedroom in a double-storey terrace in Albert Park into a lavish master bathroom. Sometimes it makes sense to sacrifice a bedroom space to get that deluxe master bathroom.


The centerpiece of the bathroom was to be a freestanding stone bath positioned in front of the existing fireplace. This bath weighs 450 kilograms so we had to reinforce the floor.

What a challenge to actually get the bath upstairs. We couldn’t use a traditional crane because of power line obstruction therefore we used an industrial palette lifter, hoisted it up to the first floor verandah, which required removing the Victorian balustrades(!!!!) Because of the Victorian style garden landscaping in the front garden, we had to build a large timber structure over this garden in order to provide a platform to lift the bath up from. At this point, you start wondering if it is all worth the effort?

Actually, it was!

This Albert park bathroom won 2008 both HIA Australian overall Best renovated bathroom project & best bathroom designer of the year.

We love the sense of space and luxury in the bathroom, the way that the Victorian features are complemented by the overall theme of the bathroom. It’s a real five-star sanctuary.


One of the things that Bubbles Bathrooms loves to do is ensure that any new renovations are sympathetic to the rest of the house. There’s nothing worse than a bathroom that looks like it has landed from outer space and has nothing to do with the rest of the home.

So next time you are planning for a bathroom renovation, consider if sacrificing a bedroom. It could be a good thing.