10 Design Features For A Brighter Bathroom

For feelings of luxury, comfort, and relaxation, every bathroom needs to be bright, light and open. The more light that can filter into a bathroom, the better. Light helps you to not only complete practical tasks but to feel right at home.

1. Window placement and formatting

One of the obvious ways to get more light into your bathroom is through natural light. There are countless window types that offer natural light and privacy at the same time – switch glass and white translucent are two examples.

In this bathroom light is able to be controlled via the switch-glass windows; the flick of a switch can turn these windows translucent in order to maintain privacy.

Try to optimise the use of natural light from outside by selecting tall and narrow windows to create the best effect.

2. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors reflect light around a room and are an easy and achievable way to make a bathroom feel lighter. In the right application and position, mirrors and good lighting can combine to produce a well-lit bathroom that is functional and luxurious.

In this bathroom, the mirror placement is used to reflect the natural light coming in via adjacent windows. This helps maximise the feeling of brightness in the space.

3. Intelligent lighting schemes

Consider using light bulbs that are as close as possible to natural light in the colour spectrum. In this bathroom, layered lighting using both cold and warm light sources creates brightness where no natural lighting is available. Look for warmer colours for mood lighting and other situations – as in this bathroom. The innovative use of lighting here helps to set the mood of the space. Most light fittings have a variety of globe options available. Tip: Next time you buy a light fitting, consider the bulb’s colour spectrum as it’s an interesting and inexpensive way to change the mood of a room

4. Select white surfaces

White shades are naturally light and breezy, and add a spark to the design of any bathroom. White can help any brightness reverberate around a space, enabling rooms to feel both larger and brighter. In this bathroom, the white reflective marble tile floor and vanity unit amplify the feeling of freshness and lightness in the space.

5. Tile selection

As one of the most common bathroom components, your selection of tiles has an important role in how light a bathroom looks and feels. Pick tiles with light patterns that produce a clean and pure look, as in this bathroom.

6. Use skylights

In recent times, skylights have become a more prominent feature in luxury bathroom designs. Whether they’re placed above the shower or in the middle of the bathroom, they can bring warm sunshine to a room while not impinging on privacy. There are many different types of skylights, including large unbroken glazed panels, double windows, textures and lantern roofs. In this bathroom, central double-panel skylights are used to add light and ambiance to the room.

7. Employ feature lighting

Feature lighting inside niches highlights various focal points in the bathroom area. This can make it easier to use mirrors and showers, providing adequate lighting for any space. Feature lighting should be at a range of different heights and directions to give good cover across the bathroom.

8. Courtesy lighting

It’s possible to install automatic movement sensors so that a small light under the cabinet will illuminate the floor in the middle of the night, if someone wants to use the ensuite. This allows them to complete basic tasks without waking anyone up, and is perfect for when bathrooms are in close proximity to the bedroom.

9. Consider an open-plan bathroom/bedroom

Another clever way to create a bright and light bathroom is simply to remove some walls. A growing trend in the hotel industry, open-plan bathrooms inside bedrooms literally break down the barriers in a space. Natural light is allowed to filter throughout the space, allowing you to enjoy the sun all through the day.

10. Open-air showers

For a design trend with a difference, opt for an open-air shower or one with a single glass panel. As well as opening the space up, it can allow more light to enter the bathroom. In general, the fewer the walls that block light, the better in a bathroom.