Owen Barnes

Owen’s expertise has been recognised with more than 50 Industry awards for his innovative bathrooms. As well as his design credentials, Owen’s reputation is built on exceptional client service, attention to detail and meticulous project management.

Principal Designer
Registered Building Practitioner
Certified Bathroom Designer
Certified Kitchen Designer
Licenced Property Inspector

Top awards:
HIA – Victoria’s Best Renovated Bathroom (several times, 2016 the most recent)
HIA – Victoria’s Best Bathroom Designer (several times, 2017 the most recent)
KBDI – Victoria’s Best Bathroom Designer (several times, 2011 the most recent)
HIA – Australia’s Best Renovated Bathroom (several times, 2015 the most recent)
KBDI – Australia’s Best Bathroom Designer of the year (2010)
HIA – Australia’s Best Bathroom Designer (several times, 2008 the most recent)

HIA Member
KBDI Member